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    About Us

    Jacaranda is the Tahrir Cultural Center’s bi-lingual independent arts publication providing accessible but sophisticated coverage of the arts scene as well as critical but non-academic reviews of practitioners and artistic outputs. It also serves to inform and promote the American University in Cairo’s arts output and education across both New Cairo and Tahrir campuses.

    Jacaranda is the name of a tree. Some might know it, others might not. But all who encounter a Jacaranda are mesmerized by its purple flowers when they are in bloom. That’s one of the reasons we named this publication Jacaranda – because it evokes the power and magic of art. For even after the purple flowers fall to the ground, their memories linger and mingle in the mind.

    The Jacaranda is also associated with the American University in Cairo, and the Tahrir Cultural Center, in particular. A majestic Jacaranda tree – planted in the early 1960s – graces the main entrance of the university’s historic campus in the center of Cairo. When its flowers bloom each March, the aura can be felt from near and far.