Robert Colescott: The Cairo Years

An Exhibition

By Terri Ginsberg and Duncan MacDonald

One must acknowledge AUC’s contribution to a small but vibrant Cairo art scene, for having welcomed the unconventional Colescott onto its faculty and having supported his endeavors to promote Egyptian Modernism, not least during one of the most precarious periods in the university’s history.

Dr. Terri Ginsberg, Assistant Professor of Film, and Dr. Duncan MacDonald, Director of Visual Arts write about the late African American artist Robert H. Colescott (1925‒2009), one of the most important of the American modernists whose paintings are on display in numerous museums throughout the United States. During Black History Month 2021 (in February), in conjunction with the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, the AUC Department of the Arts set-up an exhibition of Colescott’s work at the Tahrir Cultural Center’s Margo Veillon Gallery. “Robert Colescott: The Cairo Years” revisited publicly, for the first time, four exemplary paintings from this crucial period, along with compelling archival documents, images, and records surrounding his work.

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