When the Fools Came Down from the Hill

By Tarek Atia

The speed and frequency at which art is being created today is unprecedented. Whether it’s music, film, painting or photographs, conceptual, figurative, traditional, or avant-garde, the proliferation and normalization of both the tools to make it happen, and the ways and means to disseminate it to an audience, are moving at atomic, even quantum speeds.

“Welcome to a new world: where everyone can be an artist; where everyone should be an artist; where there are no gatekeepers, no barriers to unleashing your creativity” writes Tarek Atia. With online platforms providing a world stage for individuals from the comfort of their homes, to others also in the comfort of their homes, Instagram gives regular people the chance to become artists. Two particularly popular Instagram pages in Egypt are Cringaat and “_nitch.” With the middle man increasingly absent in the dissemination of art, what happens next? An explosion… or a return to art’s original purpose in human life?

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