Lana Kurdi’s & the Future of Gene Editing

By Soha Elsirgany

Information Design student Lana Kurdi tackled one of the near future’s most controversial topics in her graduation project ‘Breeding the Super Generation.’ Guided by her professor, Ghalia Elsrakbi, director of the design program and instructor of the Information Design course, Kurdi researched CRISPR technology and how people view it. “Kurdi’s project envisions a futuristic gene editing lab to demonstrate the possible future paths of gene manipulation. In her work she explores thorny questions including who would have the access to this technology? To what extent should we have power to breed generations to come?What kind of societies would we have if this technology was developed? The answers are not straightforward, nor black or white, but rather fall on a spectrum. From most of us all of this sounds far-removed from our daily lives” writes Soha Elsirgany.

‘Breeding the Super Generation’ made it to the Global Grad Show, organized annual within the Dubai Design Week last March, featuring 40 projects, 4 of which were Egyptian. For the Global Grad Show Kurdi had to present it as a video, due to limited space for exhibiting. “It’s good that she got to experiment with different formats on how to spread the content and share the information. Each medium has its own advantage. While the video is more easy to share, the installation in itself can give us ideas for display in scientific museums, and how to help people interact with difficult, complex topics.

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