Moving Pieces

Art Caught between Curation and Decor

By Ati Metwaly

Ati Metwaly discovers how the Egyptian art scene struggles to achieve an equilibrium between beauty and commercialism as the commercial art market grows and non-profit initiatives dwindle. She discusses with gallery owners how they have adapted to the new norms and how art displays and curation have changed, and how some have chosen to use online platforms to their advantage. As things stand, it is possible that the art consumers’ circle will slowly continue expanding and their interests will embrace the daring new voices of young creators, even if it comes from the growing number of commercial galleries opening on the Cairo’s outskirts and catering to the communities of the ever-multiplying luxurious compounds.

The whole scene is changing now; the market, the audiences and perception on art is going through many new meanders, with art galleries opening on the outskirts of Cairo, in areas such as the Fifth Settlement, 6th of October city or lavish art events taking place at the North Coast

Artist Salam Yousry 



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