The Tahrir Cultural Center

By Tarek Atia

The Tahrir Cultural Center was established to revive the American University in Cairo’s strong and important presence in the heart of downtown Cairo.

AUC has played a vibrant and vital role in enhancing the cultural, artistic and public intellectual life of Egypt, the region and the world from this central location for 100 years. Founded in 2018, The Tahrir Cultural Center (TCC), has managed to help AUC re-establish itself as a key player in the downtown arts and culture scene, via a re-invigorated and impressive campus and a strategic public arts program that has been both high-level yet accessible, thus fulfilling the ambitions of all those involved.

Festivals: TCC has become the preferred home for Cairo’s largest independent arts and culture festivals, attracting audiences of all ages.

Exhibitions: TCC established itself as a public facing arts venue, a much-needed positioning in the mostly commercial Egyptian scene, with multiple exhibitions including Glitch, Corner of a Dream and Beit Um Amel, garnering rave reviews and sophisticated audiences hungry for this kind of sophisticated yet accessible fare.

Public Lectures & Conferences: TCC revealed AUC’s intellectual weight via over 60 lectures and seminars attended by 8,240 people in subjects as diverse as politics, history, economics, translation, public health, entrepreneurship, and more.

And it’s only just the beginning…

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